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It's GDPR Time.
Do you know where your data is?

Frosha's learning algorithms
will process all the data you've collected over the years on employees, customers, citizens, and render it ...

Clean. Compliant. Manageable.

GDPR Time?

Yes, GDPR time. Starting May 2018, all organisations that collect data on European citizens must comply with the recently updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The list of requirements is easy to understand, but the implications are enormous. GDPR requires, among other things:

That you can remove all data pertaining to any person whose data you have collected from all databases on their request. This is called 'the right to be forgotten'.

That you can inform any person whose data you have on record about what data you have on record and how you are using that data. This is the principle of 'transparency'.

That all data you collect on a person is collected for a relevant purpose, and that you only collect data aligned to that purpose. This is the principle of 'purposefulness'.

And fines for non-compliance can run up to 4% of annual revenue, or 20 million Euros. Fortunately, Frosha can help.

Is your data clean?

Personal data is incredibly messy stuff. Stored in multiple databases with multiple formats; in fields that are almost-but-not-quite the same; with errors introduced by human handling over time. Is your data clean?

Is your data compliant?

If I asked you to send me a document that shows all the data you have on me, and lists all purposes you use the data for - could you?

Is your data accessible?

If I ask you to correct my surname and address because I've married and I've moved - can you? What if I'm a long-time customer? Can you correct all the address fields in all the records on me that you collected over time? In short, is your data accessible?

No? Frosha is here for you.

What is Frosha?

Frosha is a learning algorithm that cleans and structures your data from all sources, and then combines it into a single, new, fully compliant and future-proof database.

1. Clean

Frosha's learning algorithm processes your data repeatedly, deriving a more accurate knowledge every time of what is correct about your data and what is not. This knowledge is added to the algorithm's existing knowledge of national language, spelling, syntax and nomenclature ('rules for name giving').
Once it has learned enough about your data, Frosha autonomously highlights all inconsistencies found in it, with astonishing accuracy. Eliminating these is then yours to carry out at your leisure.

2. Order

After making sure your data is internally consistent, Frosha links the data gleaned from all of your sources to a ‘keyring’ entity that mirrors the actual person each data entry pertains to.
In other words - just like all your physical keys are linked neatly to a keyring that belongs to you, the data your company collects about each person you interact with is tagged by Frosha as pertaining to that person regardless of its source databases. This not only allows for optimal transparency; it also ensures supreme accessibility of the data.

3. Track

Because of the keyring concept, Frosha renders all data entries it processes trackable, by adding to each data entry the purposes your company is using it for: location, communication, marketing eforts, et cetera. This allows you to effortlessly fulfill any inquiries into what you’re doing with your stakeholders’ personal data – a crucial element in GDPR compliance.

The power of machine learning

Existing solutions to clean and merge very large datasets tend to be tremendously time-consuming and expensive - and even then their success rate is often limited. Frosha uses state-of-the art, home-built proprietary algorithms to sift and sort your data - using future technology to render your organisation future-proof.

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After more than a decade of iterated perfection and testing, we have now made Frosha's learning algorithm available to organisations around the world.

Frequently Asked Question
Is Frosha safe?

Yes. And 98% accurate.
Because AI-based data processing is a cutting-edge technology, we thought it important for you to understand that Frosha merely highlights inconsistencies and probable errors in your source data, suggesting solutions.
Frosha does not autonomously change your data. The sources themselves remain intact, as they were - with all their flaws and errors - but there for you to immediately fall back on should anything go wrong. Not that it ever has.

Any more questions? Just talk to us!

What is Frosha?

Frosha is a private company based in The Netherlands that offers an automated data processing service based on machine learning and other advanced technologies.
The idea for Frosha originated with members of the Frosha team more than ten years ago - after years of extensive experience in customer data management and with the rapidly advancing technologies known as 'artificial intelligence'.
Frosha today is the culmination of years of carefully improving speed, reliability and accuracy. With results now wholly convincing, we've exited trial stages and have made Frosha applicable for commercial use.